Tech Blog

I plan to post here on technical topics related to software development and computer science.  You can find my other blogs and posts on general topics elsewhere.

The point of a (developer-centric) tech blog is two-fold:

  • Tracking notes to one’s self on how to do something, for future reference.  When you set up a toolchain, or fix some obscure bug in your setup, etc…, you might have to do some of it again in future, so having some notes to refer to comes in handy.
  • Other people searching for how to do something specific, or how to fix a specific bug, might benefit by finding your post.

Even if the same info can be found elsewhere, as long as your posts are succinct and accurate, you’ll only increase the chances that at some future time, you or someone else will benefit.  Just keep in mind the likely query that someone who might benefit from your post might issue when they encounter that specific information need. These points may seem obvious to developer types, but others might wonder why so many techies have blogs with posts on seemingly obscure topics.  They’re likely not for daily consumption, but rather meant to add to the pool of useful reference material on the web.


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